SSETI Express S Band DTMF Telemetry Decoder

Created 8 December 2004

Here's my first DSP project.

It takes the DTMF tones transmitted every couple of minutes from the S Band tranmitter at 2401.840MHz in  narrow band FM and decodes them.

It performs an FFT in realtime on soundcard input.

It's compiled in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.

Zip file including source code

Exceutable (there's no install procedure - just run this)


Pics from integration testing at ESTEC in the Netherlands

You get to wear very nice hats at ESTEC.


Satellite in bits


S band antenna testing


Our prototype testing Groundstation


Tuning up the UHF antenna in the car park. Satellite is wrapped in cling film. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time.

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