Build an Entire AO-40 Ground Station for under $500

Created 30 July 2001

Updated 2 August 2001

This was originally presented at the AMSAT-UK Space 2001 Colloquium. Some of these files are BIG and may take a minute or two to download.




Audio & Video

Presentation Article (PDF) (290Kb)

Presentation Article (HTML) (2Mb)

Presentation Slides (PDF) (740Kb)

Presentation Slides (HTML) (6Mb in 26 slides)

Passband Frequency Tracking

Addendum - Updates, Improvements and Further Information

Mail Howard, G6LVB



What I sound like when I point the antennas out of the window of my basement apartment (thanks ON4LCE)

Inverted Passband Tracking (4.9Mb)

Peaking the Beam onto AO-40 (1.4Mb)

LEILA (1.6Mb)

Checking your own downlink (0.6Mb)

Apologies for the quality of the Video: I'll redo them when I get time. Amongst other things you'll see that the audio dubbing is way out.