Portable Doppler Tuning

1 April 2001 (No, not a spoof.)

Updated 6 April 2001


And you have a very portable, instant full doppler prediction _and_ tuning for you favourite satellites.

You'll need a CT-62 (or homebrew) RS-232/TTL level converter, and an adapter to swap over the RxD & TxD lines.

InstantTune is an add on to InstantTrack which does something most other satellite Doppler tuning programs don't do: it knows if you've altered the uplink or downlink frequencies, and not only tracks the frequencies, it also adjusts the doppler correspondingly. If you do mode changes on the downlink, it intelligently changes them on the uplink too.

XT-CE is an alternative to Pocket DOS, but I couldn't get the COM port to work correctly with that. XT-CE certainly runs faster than PocketDOS, but is also much more fiddly to set up.

Working RS-12/13...

...and FO-20

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